Tips for beginners from our Senior Front-end Engineer on UI / UX, Vlad

Tips for beginners from Vlad

written by Vlad Lyamzin

I’ve been working at Avenga for more than 8 years. Started as a junior developer with no experience, I evolved into a senior engineer. So, I definitely  had a chance to improve myself. 

I would like to share some tips from my report on UX design and techniques that would be useful to FE developers in their daily work!

First of all, I decided to separate the classic UI / UX combination in my report and focused on the latter. If you are still confused about User Interface and User Experience, now you will understand the difference once and for all! 

User Interface (UI) is a graphical part of the design, which is developed based on user experience (UX) and research conducted among the target audience.

At the same time, User Experience (UX) is a design that is created through the user’s practice with any interactable element in the world, in our case – software. UX is responsible for the functionality and adaptability of your product. To put it simply, it’s how conveniently the buttons or any other elements on your site or application are placed.

So, get a guide on how to develop a decent and high-quality product!

You should follow the ideas of human-centered design and put the user first!. 

Use the Design Thinking methodology – 5 consecutive steps from problem detection to problem solving:

  • Empathize with the user
  • Look for user’s problems
  • Generate ideas to solve these problems
  • Create prototypes with different levels of detail
  • Test design changes with users
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