The Value of Life and Sustainable Business. Where is the balance?

Avenga team Where is the balance?

written by:
Angelina Farsch Vice President Account Management, Avenga Germany
Alexander Lapp Vice President Account Management, Avenga Germany
Grzegorz Machnik Senior Front-end Engineer, Avenga Poland
Przemek Misiuda Project Success Manager, Avenga Poland
Alexander Schaub Online Marketing Manager, Avenga Germany
Angelika Wieczorkiewicz Key Account Manager, Avenga Poland

Sustainability has become a way of life for the majority of people all over the world. We, at Avenga, like many other brands, are striving to devote our full attention to the social impact the company and our people are making. Avenga stands for contributing to society by giving our people opportunities to develop, commit and change the world for the better.

Poland Business Run is one of the biggest charity organizations operating that helps people fulfill their dreams after amputations. Money raised through the runs/races supports this wonderful charity. The run is a relay race with five competitors and has been organized for 7 years.

The initiative aims not only to support people with disabilities but also to promote an active lifestyle and integrate the local community with business.

For a couple of years now, former IT Kontrakt and Solidbrain have taken part in this event and currently we participate as one company –  Avenga. This year, the pandemic and its restrictions caused some major adjustments to the run and the organizers chose an online version of the event. That is, each participant individually counted their results over the app while running and then uploaded the results to the organizer’s app, all because gatherings are forbidden. That’s why we had a chance to participate, not only in Poland but also in other countries. Together with Avenga Germany, we registered 50 runners who covered the distance of 200km.

Nothing can describe the event better than its participants. Take a look at these first-hand impressions:

Angelina Farsch 

I go running when my inner pig dog (lazy inner voice) allows it or when I want to clear my head! In fact, during the  Covid-19 pandemic, I focused more on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and strength training. The race showed me once again how good running is and how much fun it is to push to your limits. For that, I am ready to risk having some sore muscles the next day! I started not far from my front door with perfect weather at Rheydt Castle in Mönchengladbach (Germany). The route goes through clearings and a forest. The turtles and peacocks, which welcomed you in the middle of the track, were big highlights! . One or two horses and many walkers with dogs are, of course, also part of it 🙂  It is a great feeling and it definitely contributed a lot to my motivation to go running! You knew you were not alone, 

Alex Lapp

I’ve been running for almost 3 years now. Running “normalizes” me. When I am stressed, it helps me relax. When I am depressed, it pushes me up. The principle is quite simple. The route which I did was one of my standard routes along the Main river in Frankfurt (Germany). Straight and no gradients. 😉 It is nice to have a virtual running team, but it is not the same. Actually, it was a run like any other run. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will all be able to run together (physically) again soon.

Grzegorz Machnik

I have been running since I was two years old and I started covering distances longer than 100 meters when I had to start escaping from my kids 🙂 

It’s hard to imagine 19 thousand people, who registered in the Poland Business Run, on one route… it would probably be a slow walk. In the meantime, the online option of the event provided an opportunity to choose the most convenient route for me. Mine was supposed to be with a 12% slope but I followed the advice given and marked it out on a flat road … then I regretted it. I hope that next year we will also participate in this amazing event as it’s also time which you can spend with your family.

Przemek Misiuda

I’ve been running since I bought my first running shoes some 3 years ago and that was a very good move until this time … for the Poland Business Run I wish I had taken rubber shoes and a swimsuit as it was pouring outside the entire day.  Without more options, the route I had to take was very wet with water ankle-high or rather puddles filled with ankle-high water. At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter what the weather was like. For me, running is about having time for myself and not paying attention to anyone. We are in such a hurry every day and make decisions in rush, so as I run after work my mind slows down and relaxes. 

Alexander Schaub

I have actually been running as long as I can remember. As a child, I often went jogging with my father. Today, I run mainly to build up some stamina for playing football. It has always been a good activity for me to clear my mind and enjoy the beautiful nature of the “Rheinland” (Germany). I prefer to run along the Agger, a small river that flows into the Rhine. My running route begins in Wahlscheid, my hometown, where I grew up and still live. The short 4 km route leads from one bridge to the other and follows both sides of the river. It is a beautiful hiking trail next to farmland, campsites and forests. I met friends along the course and they were very confused when I said that I couldn’t stop because I was participating in a business run. It was strange for me too, but in 2020 we’ve had to get used to many new situations. I missed the cheering spectators and other runners the most. The only challenge this time was the clock and a faster colleague that you really wanted to catch up with. That was a pity, but you still knew that there were others out there who were also running for a good cause.

Angelika Wieczorkiewicz

For me, running is a purely recreational activity. I do it occasionally during such events, mainly because I don’t only have a sports challenge but also good deeds behind it. Until this year it was also about networking, but now we have to find ourselves in this new reality. Can you imagine 19 thousand people running on the same day and yet there’s a chance that you won’t see a single one of them? But let’s see the bigger picture here… I was on my holiday and I chose my own route, and all throughout the run, I knew that the other 49 Avengas were enjoying this activity as much as I was. Good job everybody! 

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