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Get to know Bea & Sophie from our HR team

written by Bea Kowol

How does the application process at Avenga actually work? What do we value in an application, who suits us? And what questions await you in an informal interview with us? Bea and Sophie from our HR team provide answers!

Hey you two, tell us, what does a relationship manager actually do?

Sophie: We accompany the entire application process, from the first contact to the job interview. We also attend career events to find suitable people who might be interested in us.

Bea: The idea behind the “Relationship Manager” is to focus on people and their talents, skills and mindset. We are all about relationships. We make contacts, approach interesting candidates, and keep in touch with those who suit and inspire us – even if their path only leads to them joining our team at a later stage.

You receive an application. And then – what happens next?

Sophie: We look at every application with interest and take our time to get a first impression. Following this, we usually call the applicant pretty quickly as we want to get a personal impression and ask for some basic data. If this suits, we coordinate with the respective department, and then ideally, we follow this up with an invitation to an interview. The candidate will then get to know someone from the HR team and the department’s team lead. Possibly one or two more colleagues from the department will also take part. We have two meetings, so that both sides can get a broad impression of the candidate. 

However, contact with a candidate can also begin before a classic application: via the chat on our careers page or an exchange on Xing or LinkedIn.

What do you pay attention to when you look at a CV?

Bea: I want to get to know and understand the person behind the CV, to recognize their potential. Does he or she have an alert mind? What experience does he or she have and how did they gain it? Depending on the position, different factors count, such as a suitable UX portfolio for a designer or experience in complex web projects for entry into project management. This is more important to us than good grades or a university degree.

Open applications, career changers – many roads lead to Avenga, right?

Bea: Exactly! We are open to career changers and autodidacts. In our team, we have a project manager who came from the theater and event sector or a colleague with an exciting combination of art and computer science studies.

Even a gap in your CV is not a criterion for exclusion. There could be a reason behind it: Perhaps someone has been nursing his or her sick mom or has deliberately taken a sabbatical to broaden his or her horizons. And of course, an individual open application can always inspire us.

The classic cover letter …

Sophie: … is not that important to us, but this depends on the position. In web development, clean code counts more than a well-written letter. Or for the job as a UX designer, an interesting UX portfolio is more important. Of course, for a position in PR or marketing, a cover letter does indeed play a role.

Standard questions in the job interview …

Bea: … we don’t have any! The best way to really get to know someone is in a relaxed atmosphere. We don’t ask stress or trick questions and we’re not interested in whether someone can recite his or her three greatest strengths off by heart. We want to find out whether we suit each other. So we’d rather ask questions like: What do you need in order to do a good job at Avenga? What should your working environment be like so that you enjoy coming to work every day and giving your best? What is important to you in life?

Sending a rejection letter is certainly not one of your favorite tasks …

Sophie: That’s absolutely true and sometimes it’s really painful, especially when I’ve met the candidate personally. But it’s not unusual that the time is simply not right, for example when we are looking for someone with more experience. So we then keep in touch and maybe later we’ll get back to the candidate and ask: “Feel like coming to Avenga now?”

And one last question – give a go at describing who’s right for Avenga?

Bea: An open, digitally interested person with heart and soul and motivation! Someone who wants to use our open doors and who can add his or her ideas. A friendly, professional working environment, no elbow mentality, is waiting for you at Avenga. It is important to us that people get on with each other and enjoy working together on a project to achieve a great result. This cultural fit is sometimes even more important than professional qualifications because the latter can be developed.

Sophie: People who are true to themselves, have a mind of their own, and have their own personality. This also means that someone knows how to assess his or her abilities well or admit a weakness. Anyone passionate about the digital world is a good match for us. People who want to work together on an equal footing. Someone who doesn’t just want a 9 to 5 job but who wants to be part of our team!

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