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written by Erik Aderhold

A life without sports? Unthinkable for Erik, Web Developer and Technical Lead at Avenga

It’s been two weeks now since we’ve had our own Avenga fitness room at our Cologne Office. This perfectly complements the fitness program we already have on offer. With this article, I’d like to give you some insights as to how it all came about and what our thoughts and expectations were.

This spring, Sascha, one of our managing directors, came up with this basic idea as he knew we were getting new office space here in the building. This left room for new and creative ideas. When, at the beginning of July, the topic became more concrete and I got wind of it, I was immediately hooked and keen to have a say in the planning and design of the fitness room.

The possibility of coordinating sporting activities with office work more easily and thus have more time for leisure and my two children was just one of the reasons for my enthusiasm. I have always been an active sportsman and before my time as a computer specialist, I earned my living as a stuntman for a while. So now, thanks to the gym, I have the opportunity again to do at least a little more sport without running the risk of my wife and children forgetting what I look like. So, I immediately ran over to Sascha’s office and offered him my help, which he gratefully accepted.

Right from the start, we had similar conceptions and yet different aspects in mind, so hopefully, we have created a variety of equipment with a little something for everyone. We have three cardio machines, weights for classic dumbbell training, but also machines for training using your body weight, such as a pull-up bar. And we even have a punching bag which some of you will probably appreciate after a conference call with your favorite customer 😉

When choosing the equipment, we wanted to ensure that there wouldn’t be too much noise when used, as the fitness room is surrounded by normal offices. Therefore, we also decided on a wooden water rowing machine, for example, where resistance is generated by a paddle in a water tank. For the time being, our fitness room is purely functional, but we are already planning to decorate the room as a follow-up project. Of course, we hope to win over the active support of our design department.

We’re now, naturally, wondering how our colleagues will like the fitness room and to what extent it will be used.. I’ll probably start using the fitness room soon mainly for an occasional relaxed round of training to simply clear my head for a few minutes and get my eyes away from the screen. 

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