Delicacies, handicrafts and shining children’s eyes: our “unofficial” Christmas Party

Christmas Party

written by Sophie Morawietz

Last year I supported the planning of our small, “unofficial” Christmas party at our Cologne Office. When I was asked this autumn whether I’d be willing to organize this year’s party with the help of some of my colleagues, I couldn’t refuse. After all, I fondly remembered that beautiful Saturday in December 2017, when we all sat together doing handicrafts, wrapping presents, and enjoying Christmas treats.

We were definitely able to achieve our goal of seeing at least as many shining children’s eyes and pleased adults at the small Christmas party this year. No wonder, because after all, at this year’s party last Saturday, the smell of fresh waffles wafted through our Cologne Office. Anyone who followed it into our kitchen found an inviting buffet with sweets and savory treats, children’s punch, and mulled wine.

In addition to these culinary highlights, there was also, of course, the odd program item: Avenga colleagues, together with their partners and children, made Christmas cards, Christmas lanterns and decorated our Christmas tree. For the youngsters, we’d also converted one of our meeting rooms into a children’s cinema and showed Christmas films. And, of course, a tour through mum and dad’s offices, the table football and the fitness room were not to be missed out on.

However, at the Christmas party, we didn’t only focus on our own fun. As in previous years, children who are living with their mothers in a Cologne women’s shelter told us before the party what they’d like to have for Christmas. As we wanted to fulfill their wishes, we bought the appropriate presents and at the party, packed them along with handicraft material for the playrooms at the women’s shelter. We also brought a lot of used, well-preserved toys, books, CDs and DVDs to the party, which we also packed and piled into a big mountain of presents under our Christmas tree. 

After the party, I locked the door of our Cologne office behind me, feeling very content and stuffed – and am already now looking forward to our big, “proper” Christmas party, which will take place at the Ehrenfeld Rufffactory today together with our Berlin colleagues.

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