Avenga Woodhack 2021

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This was our Avenga Woodhack 2021

written by Sonja Felix

There was beer, there were trees and of course many laptops. This was the 8th edition of our internal hackathon, the Avenga Woodhack! 14 Avengas, 3 days, many snacks and a whole lotta fun!

It was finally time again after a forced break last year. A motley team set off with bags and baggage towards Fulda last week to dedicate the next 3 days only to coding. The Woodhack is our internal hackathon aka class trip for adults and went into the 8th round. What started as an idea is now a beloved tradition and an essential benefit for all our colleagues. Under the motto “hack like hell” own enthusiast projects were implemented with a lot of team spirit.The Woodhack gives the opportunity to let off steam far away from work projects. No matter if web development, office management or designer: everyone is welcome, because it’s all about being creative together. 

The first day everyone can pitch and convince as many people as possible of the idea, in order to then work on the content in small groups. The idea can be about work-specific topics, for example the improvement or further development of existing systems, but it is also conceivable to implement completely detached fun projects. We organize the Woodhack in the Grashof, a hotel in the middle of the forest – hence the name. Besides rooms with a beautiful view into nature, the catering on site is of course completely covered by Avenga as well as the trip itself. 

This year a mixed team of Quality Management and Development won the first prize. Together, they developed a solution that significantly eased the workload for all colleagues: The linking of our mail provider with our internal project management tools. We are very proud of all the brave Woodhackers from this season and look forward to the 9th round next year!
It’s a very special gathering and we are very pleased to be able to do this mini coding festival.

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