Avenga Restart – the best practice of corporate recreation during the pandemic

Avenga restart 2.0

written by Kateryna Dmytruk (Lviv Office)

In post-COVID realities, stress levels increase steadily, leading to a variety of disorders in people’s mental health, including anxiety or depressive disorders. After all, stress is a reaction to a threat in a certain situation, and anxiety is a reaction to stress. In particular, according to the latest statistics from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America from 2020, anxiety disorders have become the most common mental illness in the United States, which affects 40 million adults in the United States every year from the age of 18.

There are few statistics in Ukraine, but in 2020, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) conducted a survey that found that two-thirds (67%) of respondents experienced a certain stressful situation during 2020. This is significantly more than in the period 2017-2019, when 50-53% of respondents experienced stress.

Last year, the World Health Organization published an illustrated guide with important skills needed to cope with stress: https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/339150.  

We surely take into account world trends and want to provide our colleagues with maximum comfort. That is why, as a people-oriented company, last year we started the Avenga Care project. So it’s time to share this case with you now – the case of this project and the first results of its initiatives. 

Avenga Care is a project that aims to take care of the emotional and physical condition of our colleagues in order to provide maximum comfort in the Avenga Ukraine team. First of all, we understand that it is absolutely necessary to have a good-quality rest, so that we can be productive at work. It was the reason why we introduced the Avenga Restart initiative within the framework of the project. 

Avenga Restart is one of the first corporate leisure projects organized in the IT sector in Ukraine, which is called “Avenga winter restart” and  takes place in winter as well as “Avenga summer restart” taking part in summer. Our restarts include: accommodation, food and entertainment, along with lovely and useful gifts from Avenga. This is a creative alternative to standard corporate entertainment during a pandemic, since quarantine made corporate events impossible to be held in the traditional form. This initiative has become a great bonus for our colleagues, which helps specialists to relax safely health-wise, restoring social contacts and preventing emotional burnout. We are pleased to realize that Avenga was one of the first companies in Ukraine to offer its colleagues this form of rest.The first Avenga Summer Restart took place a year ago during the quarantine. However, thanks to a coordinated and well-planned process, more than 250 of our colleagues, together with their families, were able to have a wonderful time in cottages in Slavske and Pereyaslav, choosing the most convenient location on their own. Already in February 2021, we introduced Avenga winter restart. At this time, our colleagues teamed up with colleagues from their teams and spent weekends skiing, snowboarding, driving ATVs, or just walking among the picturesque mountains.This year’s Summer Restart takes place in the form of weekend team trips to different regions of Ukraine. During the summer, each specialist of the company has the opportunity to take part in a great team building and recreation with their teammates in Avenga Ukraine, which has more than 600 specialists!

Each restart takes place not in a single place, but in different recreation areas of Ukraine, which were chosen by the employees themselves, as we strive to support regional tourism and small businesses after a covid break.

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