Avenga Gambling Machine 2022

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Our trainees and the Avenga Gambling Machine –
A success story

written by Sonja Felix

How do you manage to keep all your employees up to date and strengthen the team feeling despite the remote work situation? This question was addressed a few years ago with an employee presentation at Avenga. Since then, every Monday, in our Monday Morning Meetings (in short MoMoMe), an Avenga newcomer introduces themselves with a short self-presentation. Besides talking about their dream job as a child, we also want to know what they like to do after work hours and to give us three pictures that describe themselves the best. This helps the constantly growing team to digitally get to know each other a bit more.

Brussels sprouts connect!

Among other things, the important question of whether you are on Team Brussels Sprouts or Team Anti Brussels Sprouts is also clarified in the MoMoMe. Over the years, it has become apparent that when asked “What would you not eat, even if you paid me” the green vegetable was often the topic of discussion. For many, Brussels sprouts are considered a childhood trauma. Meanwhile the direct question “Brussels sprouts: yes or no?” is a cherished tradition at Avenga that has even made it into the newcomers’ welcome packets. A sticker supports their team affiliation and has since adorned many laptops.But, back to the actual topic. The presentation system has a catch: not every week do we manage to find new colleagues whose turn it is to present during the MoMoMe. So, from now on we will try to motivate the rest of the team to volunteer. Depending on the mood on Mondays, this sometimes works well, while sometimes not so well. But since it is especially valuable and exciting in our remote times to listen to private contributions, it is our long-cherished wish to solve this problem.

Our trainees and a brilliant idea

For years, we have been offering the “IT specialist for application development” apprenticeship. In it, one can systematically prepare for a career after school as a developer at Avenga. In addition to the academic and practical part, our trainees also have the task of choosing a project and implementing it on their own. 

Every ball is a hit! The Avenga Gambling Machine is launched!

This year, for example, our trainees Hanna and Zafer thought about how to support employees who haven’t presented themselves for a while during the MoMoMe by means of a technical solution. The result is the Avenga Gambling Machine. Let’s talk with Hanna and Zafer about the project. You came up with the Avenga Gambling Machine. How did you go about the project?

Hanna & Zafer: We were given the task by our training officer Markus, who gave us a completely free hand.
Since both of us had already worked with 3D computer graphics before our training, we really wanted to combine programming with this aspect. At first, we oriented ourselves on the most common slot machines, such as the one-armed bandit. However, we wanted to do something special, so while brainstorming we came up with the idea of using a Japanese Gashapon machine as a model.
These machines are still extremely popular in Japan and can be found everywhere. They are most comparable to gumball machines. The word “gashapon” is an onomatopoeia and comes from the sounds the machine makes when dispensing a small toy.

How does the Gambling Machine work?

Hanna & Zafer: By pressing the “Roll” button, a random algorithm is executed in our code. At the same time an animation is played in which a coin is inserted into the machine and then a ball comes rolling out at the bottom.
The database now sends the randomly selected employee back and this employee is then displayed on the ball that rolls out.
We decided to add a ‘rarity’ to the employee, which determines how long someone has not been selected, based on the date they were last drawn to share during the MoMoMe. The goal is to pick someone with the highest possible rarity.
Then the “Pick” button will update the current date in our database for the randomly selected person.What did you enjoy the most and what did you learn?

Hanna & Zafer: It was especially nice to be given a task that resulted in a product that is used every week and can be further developed. We really enjoyed the work in the 3D area and the exploration of other technologies in the programming area also gave us a lot of joy. We were able to gain a lot of new impressions, through the use of JavaScript libraries, the connection to Google services and the deployment process at Avenga. The feedback we received during the presentation was very positive and only boosted our motivation.

What do you like about training at Avenga?

Hanna & Zafer: Everything! Right from the start we received a warm welcome and we were always made to feel at home. We have lots of freedom to realize our own projects with which we can identify with. Our supervisors, Freddy and Yasa, always helped us when we got stuck and imparted the knowledge we needed in a very friendly way. We were also able to participate in the legendary Woodhack and will definitely be there again this year. By the way, we are both Team Brussels Sprouts! 

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