3D printing to save lifes

3D printing

Dmytro Andreyev (Senior Engineer, Ukraine office) and Łukasz Sobol (Project Success Manager, Poland office)

written by Dima and Luka

We are proud to be part of a value-driven team and community. Avenga people joined the initiatives to support hospitals with life-saving 3D printed medical equipment:

Dmytro Andreyev, our Senior Engineer at Avenga Ukraine started producing adapters that allow using a single assisted mechanical ventilation device for several patients simultaneously. Under the threat of COVID-19, medical centers are in desperate need of such equipment. 


“Our brand coordinator Andrii Koval told me about this initiative. As far as I know, the first such group of people was organized in Italy and they developed 3D models for printing, but maybe I’m wrong. In Lviv, the group was organized by people who wanted to help local hospitals in case of a large number of infected persons. Since no one knew how the situation would develop, I decided to join this group and help in any way I can. Since models printed on a 3D printer in medicine should be used only in critical cases, at the moment there is no point in continuing.”

Łukasz Sobol, our Project Success Manager at Avenga Poland is producing 3D printed visors for medical personnel of the Provincial Hospital St. Padre Pio in Przemysl. As protective medical equipment is in great demand, engineers designed a frame holding a plastic sheet as a mask. Reach Lukasz to join the initiative and get support with the models for 3D printing.


“I’ve been printing for several years, I’ve reworked the software and the printer design so that I can quickly print good quality masks. During this pandemic time I realized that my hobby can be valuable not only for me. I have some friends in the health service, when I’ve heard that they don’t have the resources and any support the decision was simple – I can help! My free time, skills and little bit of circulation of intermediates is nothing compared to what Healthcare has to deal with everyday.”

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