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Fraud and Scam Reporting

    Fraud and Scam Reporting Tool

    The structured entry of your data and proof of attempted scams facilitates and accelerates the prosecution of fraudsters

    From phony invoices to phishing emails to identity theft and fake job offers, scams and frauds are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

    We can’t stop criminals from constantly inventing new ways of stealing money and personal data from innocent people. However, we can try our best to reduce the damage and prevent scammers from being successful with the same trick over and over again. To do so, it’s of utmost importance to report any fraud incidents to the authorities.

    If you have been contacted through phone calls, emails, social media, or other means by someone claiming to be from, or associated with, Avenga, and you believe it was a scam, please use the form beneath to report all the information regarding your interaction with them.

    The information and proof you provide will be used solely to report fraud attempts in the name of Avenga and to cooperate with relevant local authorities.

    Personal data

    When did the fraudulent communication happen?

    How did you come into contact with the scammer or fraudulent company?

    Did you interact with a representative from the fraudulent company?

    Did you pay for anything?

    What exactly happened? (Please include any information you may have about the scam that can help the authorities to bring the responsible person to justice)

    Have you already reported this case to law enforcement?

    Please upload any evidence (e.g., screenshots of your communication) that we can use to prove your case to the authorities.

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