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Data Services

As a well-known data service company, Avenga has broad data services solutions expertise. Our data science application development services include data storage, organization and optimization, analytics, and machine-learning algorithms.

Data to Serve the Business

  • What we do best as a data science development company, is assisting and guiding our clients through a variety of industry-specific data-related business solutions. Avenga offers tailored data services solutions, including exploratory data analysis, database management, building prediction models, and the creation of complete decision support systems and data-powered products for large and small private enterprises. With clients’ business needs at the core of our approach, we conduct comprehensive research and analysis to find the right technology to spur it all.

Data Science for Data Services

We place data science at the heart of our data services. Data science business applications by Avenga combine technological know-how from various areas of business and IT. Under our expert supervision, they are translated into efficient and custom data solutions that help our clients innovate and succeed.

  • For instance, Avenga’s experts combine machine learning models with advanced methods of prescriptive modeling in order to enhance the decision-making process for our clients. In this case, data science development services include the application of visual modeling, preparation of data management services and it automatically takes care of issues concerning data quality. In the data science for data services context, analytics play a critical role. When data analytics is incorporated into a company’s data center, it adds value to the digital data integrated into corporate cloud apps and platforms.

  • Predictive Analytics Services

    Making our clients leaders in their niche by understanding data patterns and predicting future trends, is what we are doing at Avenga in terms of predictive analytics services. Using our managed services, organizations can extrapolate patterns, both the ones that have already occurred and those that are yet to happen.

    Avenga’s predictive analytics services involves:

    • Advanced analytics capabilities
    • Spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis
    • Data mining
    • Content analysis
    • Real-time scoring
    • Predictive modeling
    • Corporate data optimization services
    • Machine learning

  • Data Analytics Application Development Services

    Reliable analytics solutions must be in place to help companies manage complex issues. With data analytics app development, Avenga supports clients in obtaining direct insights from raw data, streaming or at rest, regardless of where it is stored. Assisting organizations to make better data-driven decisions and improve customer service is the biggest goal behind the data analytics app development services at Avenga. We focus on such services as the development of innovative database solutions, data collection, visualization and analysis.

  • Business Intelligence Services

    We offer a variety of competitive business intelligence (BI) and big data industry solutions that are geared toward helping businesses develop an effective strategy to reduce risk and resource waste. BI services, along with data science business applications by Avenga, guide clients to a better understanding of crucial metrics and events surrounding their processes, operations and procedures.

    Avenga offers:

    • Enterprise-wide reporting
    • Online analytical processing
    • Predictive analysis
    • Data mining
    • Benchmarking
    • Business performance management tools

  • Data Engineering Services

    At Avenga, we implement broad data solutions which arm our clients with critical insights that can be derived from even raw and unstructured big data sets, thanks to our data science development services. As a data science services company with extensive experience, Avenga consults with clients about the tools and frameworks that can empower their on-site data science and analytics teams.

  • Prescriptive Data Solutions

    If companies want to optimize decisions, especially business-critical ones, they should consider addressing prescriptive data solutions, including prescriptive analytics services. Clients trust us with decisions regarding the configuration, plan or design of their business systems based on the prescriptive data solutions and analytics services. This is the right way to balance business goals and constraints of the available resources.

  • Machine Learning Services

    To incorporate intelligence into their infrastructure, companies should pay special attention to the way machine learning simplifies and speeds up deployment. A reliable and carefully designed end-to-end management platform can execute data science tasks promptly. The platforms Avenga helps clients integrate, allow teams to collaborate efficiently, apply open source tools in their work and scale as required.

Analytics Solutions Development Process

At Avenga, we defined the following stages to ensure the most efficient approach to the development of sophisticated analytics solutions and data analytics application development.

Big Data Development & Analytics Services

Big data development & analytics services demonstrate to our clients specific ways to make decisions, operate more efficiently and allocate their resources wisely. Big data industry solutions help companies outpace the competition and offer exceptional user experience to their customers.

  • Even though everyone in business strives to implement big data these days, without proper analysis and processing, it loses all value. In most cases, the term “big data” is associated with unstructured data. Big data is all about large datasets that are difficult to analyze with traditional tools. For this reason, big data implementation services rendered by big data solutions companies make a real difference for businesses that plan to make use of big data.

    We help our partners analyze the big data assets they have at their disposal. With Avenga’s big data solutions for small businesses and enterprises, our clients can gain insights for making mission-critical decisions, and the strategy and actions stemming from them.

  • Our big data development & analytics services include:

    • Big data preparation modeling and prediction
    • Big data visualization
    • The grouping of big data
    • Big data enrichment and collection
    • DevOps support

Nothing was too complicated for them, and everything about their process is straightforward. A week after launch, there was visible platform growth, while deployment requests increased by 50%.

Stephen Milner CEO AMMI Systems

Data-Powered Applications

Avenga builds enterprise and consumer-facing innovative technical solutions. Being at the top of innovation as a data services company, Avenga leverages data science, data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing techniques. Data-powered apps provide data enhancement and offer deep contextual insights into making critical, time-sensitive decisions. On top of that, tailored data solutions enhance the efficiency of direct marketing, which increases sales and stimulates revenue growth.

  • Avenga effectively implements data-powered apps for our clients. In particular, we have implemented tailored data solutions in Salesforce Cloud through Salesforce Einstein, using the cloud artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

    Typically, to build a sustainable data-powered app, we take the following steps:

    • We start by applying the ordinary logic that goes into creating any other traditional software, but with predictive analytics in mind.
    • Since data management platforms that are currently in use can’t consider out-of-the-box solutions, we pay particular attention to entity disambiguation, data quality analysis and detection of anomalies.
    • Our experts take advantage of the top paid and open-sourced application frameworks.

  • When companies start considering data-powered approaches to their business, they are likely to consider acquiring large sets of data, dealing with broad computer learning and relying on machine learning algorithms. Consequently, they face the need for big data integration services. By means of big data and big compute platforms, Avenga supports clients in making the most of hardware advances, which make them accessible to big data analytics and data-powered apps.

    Avenga offers the following data-related and big data implementation services in terms of our data-powered approach to business:

  • Big Data Integration Services

    With Avenga’s big data integration services, organizations have a real-time view and full access to their data center. Big data integration services help companies incorporate multiple data sources, like mailing lists, management data and metrics, social media information and so on. Such integration is possible on-premise or off-premise, that is irrespective of data source location or the platform used.

  • Data Management Services

    Successful data management services boost businesses’ productivity, helping them make headway in effectively administering, operating and monitoring both structured and unstructured data and management platforms. At Avenga, we prefer using popular and well-tried data management platforms like Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and Hadoop®.

  • Big Data Infrastructure Services

    As a big data services company, Avenga offers well-architected, scalable and open big data infrastructure solutions. We make sure that the clients’ information is always stored in the right place and easily available within the right timing. Big data infrastructure services by Avenga bring increased profitability, ensure rational utilization of corporate IT infrastructure along with a higher degree of employee collaboration, and an improved customer experience.

  • Data Platforms Optimization Services

    While many organizations today rely on various data science platforms, they often lack the resources to optimize their spending. Avenga’s big data solutions developers and consultants assist in optimizing our client’s workloads on Oracle, Hadoop and Microsoft SQL servers. With the help of our experts, Avenga’s clients receive maximum performance and scalability based on their workload and other needs.

Full-Cycle Data Flow Design

The data flow design by Avenga consists of the following layers:

  • Source Data Layer

    Various external data sources such as Files, RDBMS, Cloud services, API, etc. are stored in the Source Data Layer according to our full-cycle data flow design.

  • ETL Layer

    Under the ETL process, data is extracted from data sources that are not targeted for analytics and are moved to a central Staging host (like Talend, Informatica PowerCenter, etc.).

  • The Data Storage Layer

    contains 2 components:

    Staging Area is a schema for saving raw and transformed data. It is responsible for the physical transfer of data from the source platform to the host platform.

    DWH Core is a schema where normalized and transformed data is stored. The core section of the data warehouse also maintains the history of the data transferred.

  • Representative Layer

    An external BI/data science/reporting tool that allows users to generate/create reports and more. It means that data from this layer is used by the end-users and is fed into various corporate reporting tools.

ELT Approach for Data Warehousing

  • To reap business benefits, companies must pay close attention to the big data sets they are treasuring within their corporate infrastructures. The data analytics side of application development has always been a tall order. This is where Avenga steps in. We assist our clients with efficient ways to move and transform data for analysis, which is critical to business growth and innovation.

  • By using the Extract/Load/Transform (ELT) approach to data warehousing, Avenga’s data team will “extract” data from one or multiple sources and “load” it into a target data warehouse. Once the “transform” is moved to the final stage of the process, it will be the target database set for transformation. For big compute solutions, with a need for raw and unstructured data (for processing), this approach requires fewer remote sources and promises better performance.

DB Development & Optimization for Big Data

  • Avega offers well-architected and innovative database solutions catered to the use of big data. We make sure information is always stored in the right place and within the required timing. In terms of innovative database solutions development, Avenga analyzes the client’s pursuit of business opportunities with big data analytics, while integrating and establishing all the internal data streams. With this approach, we can clearly see the amount of data a client’s system will need to handle. The next step is to design and develop the structure to sustain the planned amount of data. This is followed by the final stage, where we lay a foundation for the system’s scalability.

  • Avenga also offers corporate data optimization services and support services for database development. Our team provides ongoing performance enhancements and oversees backups and recoveries, as well as system modifications. The scope of work at this stage is individually discussed according to the client's plans, fluctuations in big data strategy and growth of their business. Even more, Avenga provides custom-built tools and frameworks to fortify our client’s data science and analytics teams.

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