Avenga’s response to the war on Ukraine: Business Continuity and Humanitarian Aid

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Customer experience

An excellent customer experience creates an emotional bond between you and your customer. Our tailored, user-centered experiences lead to satisfied and loyal customers and is measurable in higher sales and conversion rates. Our expertise combines business and customer experience strategy. We tell your product's story.

Product strategy & vision

A well thought out product strategy increases your opportunities for successful products. We dive deep into your business vision and focus on user needs, as well as technical possibilities, to align your product strategy to long-term outcomes. Researching, testing and validating helps us to minimize risks.


We challenge your value proposition by validating it with user data from your target group and help you to transform your needs into a sustainable business concept. For large scale and long-term projects, a clear product vision guides us to the goal, focuses us on the motivation behind the project and enables us to stay grounded.


Product strategy and product vision go hand in hand to inspire everyone involved and to stay tuned to the underlying mission – make your great product.

Requirements engineering

In order to develop solutions for complex challenges, it is important to create a common understanding of the requirements. We get to the bottom of how your users think and interact with your product. Through our comprehensive research and co-creation workshops, we define common objectives and scopes to make sure that all project participants have a uniform understanding. Driven by this clear and precise goal setting and our systematic approach, we focus on tangible and high quality results.

Information architecture

We love to deep dive into complex structures and simplify those by making them easily accessible and intuitive to use. Our consistent concepts are created through organized, prioritized and sorted information. Users behavior and expectations, as well as business goals are important factors to consider. A solid information architecture builds the skeleton of every project and ensures good usability. Our claim is a reliable user-centered product, which is effective and enjoyable.

UX / UI design

We design products for people. Meaningful experiences are shaped through usability, functionality, design and branding. The initial point and attention is on the user. We keep interfaces and our design clear, simple and legible, so your customer can find their way around quickly.


Years of experience endow us with the flexibility to choose the right method for developing your product. We love to continuously improve ourselves and the products we create. High standards and quality demands keep us striving to create exceptional interface designs. Good designs are well-structured, functional, beautiful and pleasant to use.


Repeatable and standardized components make your interactions learnable and recognizable, therefore its user-friendly. For complex design systems, we develop pattern libraries to make your product easy to maintain and scalable.

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