Big Data Internship

Big Data Internship

September, 2022

Lviv, Kyiv, online


Nowadays, data is growing at an astronomical rate, and Big Data is becoming a new powerful tool to work on it. During Big Data Internship, you will build state-of-the-art solutions and gain valuable experience with Big Data-related technologies from top-notch experts at Avenga.

The whats and whys



6 months of full-time online internship



Only useful information and practical tasks on the real project



Paid cooperation during all internship time



Two candidates who pass all the stages will get an offer for a paid internship on our team

How do I join?

Step 1


Send your application in by filling in the application form below.

Step 2


We will screen the compatibility of your skills with the course requirements.

Step 3


We would like to learn about the motivation behind your decision to join us.

Step 4


Pass a little test given by our speakers that evaluates your tech readiness.

Step 5


Answer a couple of our speakers’ questions and get answers to yours.

Step 6


When it’s all said and done, you’ll get your invitation to join the internship.


What you get:
  • Programming language (Scala/Python)
  • Enterprise code principles
  • Linux environment
  • Clusters
  • Parallel programming
  • Big Data foundation
  • Functional programming principles
  • Spark
  • AWS
  • Storage
  • Relational DBs and SQL, NoSQL databases
  • Basics of Warehousing
  • Data security foundation
  • Git
  • CI/CD
  • Virtualization
  • Data display and reporting

Is this course for me?

You will most likely excel through this course if you can bring along:

  • Familiarity with one of Scala, Java, Python or Groovy languages as a user, no enterprise quality code is required.
  • At least an Intermediate level of English.
  • Understanding of clean code, SOLID, KISS principles.
  • Knowledge of OOP or Functional programming principles.
  • Experience with Unix as a user and acquaintance with simple bash commands.
  • Good Git skills.
  • A few experience points with Spark, Flink, Hive or Hadoop.
  • Awareness of relational DBs and SQL (group by, join, union, key pairs concepts, normalization), as well as NoSQL DBs.
  • Some knowledge of parallel programming using one of Java or Python threads, Akka, OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, reactive streams or other frameworks of such kind.
  • Previous experience with build & packaging tools (ivy/maven/gradle/sbt for Java-based, standard built-in for Python-based).
  • Love to pizza.

Key takeaways

Programming language (Scala/Python)

Linux environment

Enterprise code principles


Big Data foundation

Parallel programming

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course. Actually, all of the Avenga Academy courses are free-of-charge. We aim at spreading IT education in order to foster the growth of digitally-mature markets and industries around the world.

It is recommended that you proceed with registering even if you lack some of the entrance-level skills required for the course's successful completion. You can always communicate about the next step with our representatives.

Definitely. Every participant who successfully graduates from a course, gets a written certificate that testifies to them obtaining the skills envisaged by the course.

You can become an Avenga academy student from anywhere in the world. All the courses are held online.