Avenga’s response to the war on Ukraine: Business Continuity and Humanitarian Aid

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Rather than expecting us to tell them what to do, their team is part of the thought process. The team is extremely thorough, delivers the highest quality results, and adheres to deadlines. They are a committed partner that provides proactive insights. The collaboration is efficient and undemanding.

Michael Brandt Group VP & Process Excellence Manager, ABB

Affordability and depth of expertise have made them a critical development partner. Their team easily scales to accommodate project size and is equally flexible with scheduling across time zones.

Suhail Mughal CTO, QPharma

For the construction of an integrated information and integration portal, the focus on customer benefits and behavior was particularly important to us. We have found a partner who really focuses on usability and can optimally integrate into a network of different partners.

Michaela Alt Head Group Marketing, LLB AG