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Salesforce is not just a leader among CRM platforms. It is the best technology for those seeking development and rapid career growth. We invite you to start your journey in Salesforce with Avenga Ukraine because we have more than 100+ successfully completed Salesforce projects, 120 Salesforce experts who have already obtained more than 270+ Salesforce certificates

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Start your Salesforce career with Avenga

  • What is Salesforce? A Concise Overview

    This overview explains some essentials about the Salesforce platform, some definitions and mechanisms how it creates value for business.

  • Salesforce Course

    During the course you will learn the basics of Salesforce platform development and, after the final testing, you can become a part of our largest Salesforce team in Ukraine.

  • Salesforce Retraining

    Wondering why Salesforce developers are in demand all over the world?
    Avenga, a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, offers a unique retraining program for you to enter the world of Salesforce.

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