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Salesforce career

Put your Salesforce skills to the best use possible with Avenga

Why a Salesforce career at Avenga?

Don’t expect us to talk about competitive salary, paid vacations, corporate parties, and social security packages. At Avenga, it all comes by default. Let us tell you how you can grow as a professional by joining us.

  • Verified growth free of charge

    Avenga finances all of its Salesforce experts certification and testing endeavors

  • A team of developers, not managers

    95% of our Salesforce team consists of developers involved in real-life projects

  • Global exposure

    Get to show your expertise and prove yourself as a top-notch Salesforce developer working on global projects

There’s hardly a business in the 21st century that did not hear about Salesforce.

One of the world’s most powerful CRM platforms, Salesforce paves the way for unfathomed business opportunities that companies worldwide hold fast to. Tech partners providing Salesforce consulting and engineering services do their best to let the Salesforce expertise supply meet the ever growing demand.



90% of Fortune 500 companies use at least one Salesforce solution.



19,8% is Salesforce’s CRM market share, the biggest of them all.



More than 150,000 is Salesforce’s CRM market share, the biggest of them all.

No wonder, the value of Salesforce developers grows exponentially.

At Avenga, we define our team members not as human resources but as human capital. Salesforce experts, in particular, are the ones forming Avenga’s brand as a global engineering and IT consulting platform. We deliver where others don’t. For us, this is all about the growth opportunities we share with those willing to take their chance.



100+ completed Salesforce projects.



An extensive team of 150+ Salesforce experts.



Salesforce expertise finding recognition in 400+ Salesforce certificates.

Start your journey with us, regardless of where you are right now. Join our teams in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and Malaysia from wherever you find it convenient to deliver top-notch Salesforce solutions. Enter Avenga’s Salesforce powerhouse, show the world your superpower.

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