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“What helps me at work? Online games! They taught me how to think strategically and turn failure into success. I also learned the importance of team communication. My job involves providing support to other employees in expanding their skill sets. Together, we solve much more than just project-related difficulties. I use my experience in Cyber Security to build a secure organization. They say I’m the good spirit of the company, and I must say that’s exactly how I feel.”

Michał Sobecki

Project Success Manager, Security Expert


“Databases are my second life. My job is about data analysis, transformation, and presentation. I appreciate the fact that I can take advantage of new technologies and work for clients from a variety of industries. Here, the transition to a new project carried out for a new client is not considered a problem, but an opportunity for growth. And I like to grow. Which is why I’ve already done projects for banking, pharma, and telecoms clients. I feel I have the support of my superiors, and this is extremely valuable and important to me.”

Cecylia Jędrzejewska

BI Consultant


“I’m working on software aimed at increasing the chances of inventing personalized, innovative next-generation drugs. Lifelong learning is still fun for me. I learn about genetics, DNA chains, cell lines, or protein structure on a daily basis. I’m actively involved in the local Java User Group in Zielona Góra. I also organize and run Innovation Days at schools and kindergartens.”

Dawid Maksylewicz

Senior Software Engineer for Biotech


“Our infrastructure must be reliable and responsive to client and employee needs. To put it simply, it has to work! And this is exactly my job. To make it work. Something I’ve been doing for 10 years. I’m glad that the company takes into account my ideas and suggestions – and invests (by all means wisely) in cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions. It is also not afraid to invest in people. It is this approach that enabled me to create the Avenga Bike Team, which brings together MTB and road cycling enthusiasts.”

Sławek Demczar

System Administrator


“They say I’m perfect proof that retraining after 30 can be successful. I do know one thing. If you really want to, you can... switch from a managerial position in the sales industry to the testing department of an IT company with no prior experience in this field. I took my first steps in IT by taking part in the Tester Academy program, and that’s where it all started. I worked my way up in software testing and got promoted pretty quickly. At present, as Team Manager in the testing department, I manage a team of nearly 100 people.”

Wojtek Kobiałko

Test Manager


“I’m passionate about self-organization and personal growth. I support the work of a San Francisco-based team that develops software that analyzes the life cycle of molecules. I’m all about work efficiency and value freedom of action. I’m also a Competence Center leader. What’s more, I co-run the Agile Hunters blog – a project I’m involved in both professionally and personally. Because Avenga is a space that I create on my own terms – and I derive great satisfaction from it.”

Patrycja Górka

Agile Coach

Our benefits

And the benefits? A dime a dozen! You have access to a variety of effective solutions, depending on the specifics of your work.

We also support our employees' passions. We help them realize their dreams and sports goals.

  • Multikafeteria platform

  • Sport card

  • Financing public transport

  • Individual training budget

  • Life and liability insurance

  • Remote work & flexible working hours

  • Awaydays & company events

  • Dedicated insurance for IT specialists against the loss of income

  • Private healthcare

  • Sports teams

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We are a team of highly skilled professionals. We take pleasure in creating new solutions that have a real impact on our clients' business.

At Avenga everybody is free to develop their own rules!
Here, you only do what you love. Seriously!

  • What we do

    Global brands, innovative projects that change the reality around us, and international teams, this is our clients' environment. This is where Avenga consultants create new IT solutions and develop their careers on a daily basis.

  • Our team

    We are a very diverse set of people working together towards an ambitious goal. Our culture supports and cherishes the differences that make each of us unique. Come as you are and find out by yourself

  • What will you gain?

    We understand perfectly well that everyone has individual - different - preferences. This is why our portfolio features both short-term projects and long-term job opportunities offering you a chance to work as part of a tight team. We offer various forms of collaboration - including remote and/or hybrid work models.

  • What we value

    We believe in a pragmatic approach and partnership. Together we look for the best solutions. Relationships with colleagues and business partners are based on honesty and transparency.

    The values we stand for in particular include open-mindness, creativity, team spirit, motivation for lifelong learning, and lifelong motivation to develop and take up new challenges.




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