Avenga’s response to the war on Ukraine: Business Continuity and Humanitarian Aid

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Watch out for recruitment scams!

  • Incidents of false claims to recruit on behalf of organizations or even identity thefts of recruiters to contact potential candidates are on the rise. The perpetrators’ goal is usually to get their victims to disclose personal or financial details. Some scams can be difficult to spot, as the perpetrators use information they find online to create convincing job offers.

  • At Avenga, we follow a formal recruitment process in which personal conversations (either in person or via video conference) play a vital part. We provide all our employees with the equipment they need on the first day they start their work, and at no point will we ever ask them to pay for anything in advance, for example, for hardware, insurance, or work permits.

Red flags that suggest a potential recruitment scam

You are asked for money or unnecessary personal information.

You are directed to a website that cannot be found under our Domain www.avenga.com.

Your conversations with the alleged Avenga recruiter are not direct and in-person but only via chat or email.

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Our mission is to shake up the conventional IT market. To achieve this, we combine the creativity and innovative power of a digital agency with the implementation strength of a major IT solution provider.




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Beware of recruitment scams! We will never ask you to pay for anything.

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