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Business Intelligence Solutions

Avenga can help your business capitalize on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals with business intelligence (BI) services including strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection and financial planning, customer analytics and advanced reporting and much more.

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Business Intelligence Analytics Solutions

  • The right business intelligence analytics solution empowers businesses to make smart and quick decisions. Through state-of-the-art business intelligence and data insights solutions, Avenga helps client’s data analysts and data scientists to use data and related resources in real time. This allows them to visualize and update transactional data sets, apply prescriptive and predictive analytics, and report both historical and current information. Avenga can either integrate third-party analytic business intelligence services into your enterprise’s system or build a custom BI solution that will exclusively cater to specific business needs and process critical data in real time.

  • With embedded BI modules, all the critical data is accessible and available within one enterprise BI service, due to consolidated analytics tools and reporting features. We work with platform-based business intelligence solutions to deliver actionable insights from big data. Avenga’s experts modify modules and plugins developed by third-party vendors and integrate them into the enterprise’s BI solutions for infrastructure management.

They worked quickly to launch and maintain several databases, and the KPIs supported within informed business decisions. Their data science has offered metrics that have reduced fraud. They’ve also informed marketing decisions, improving targeting and optimizing ad spend.

Mark Merhom Data & Analytics Engineer, Trōv

Business Intelligence Software Development Services

Using Avenga’s technological expertise, we take raw data from multiple sources and translate it into value added decisions. Data-powered business intelligence solutions help propel our clients into being leaders in their industry, so our tasks are clear: show how big data opportunities help grow revenue in practice while reducing risks and cutting costs. The following business intelligence software development services by Avenga are critical to our clients’ success.

BI Analysis and Consulting Services

  • At Avenga, we always start by meticulously learning the business of our clients and their goals. In terms of our BI analysis and consulting services, we interpret corporate data and offer prudent advice to ensure clients’ goals are met. To improve the existing enterprise BI solution, Avenga can redesign or even design data analysis procedures from scratch while defining which components to include in the revised enterprise BI solution.

  • Our expert business intelligence specialists also have extensive industry-specific knowledge alongside their technical skills. For instance, Avenga has every capability to develop either a custom pharma BI software or a holistic BI solution with Tableau-based reporting for an insurtech company, or a BI reporting automation system for a payment service provider.

Business Intelligence Development and Implementation

  • Avenga data and BI developers are proficient in orchestrating various processes and fine-tuning specific BI tools to turn data into solid business gain for our clients.

  • In terms of Avenga’s business intelligence development and implementation services, we do the following:

    • Data preparation
    • Business intelligence migration services
    • DWH solutions development
    • Optimization of ETL processes
    • BI performance management
    • Embedding reports into existing apps

Embedded and Analytical Reporting

Avenga has a vast knowledge base in creating embedded analytics solutions for business CRM, ERP, marketing automation, financial systems and more. Whether you need cloud, web or mobile-based BI, Avenga can support you in improving business performance and adding value by leveraging forecasting, optimization algorithms, easy integrations and data-based decision trees.

Data Visualization and Reporting

  • With the help of reporting dashboard development solutions, Avenga’s team implements algorithms that transform structured and unstructured data into charts, diagrams, dashboards, scorecards and spreadsheets. Our business intelligence analytics solutions make a difference in the market with their interactive visual exploration and self-service data preparation and management options. Avenga can also help transform raw information from multiple sources into insightful reports. Whatever the goal, Avenga’s team is your partner in reaching exceptional results, smarter and faster.

  • The following data visualization, reporting technologies and services help Avenga’s clients leverage the power of big data, reduce risks and cut costs:

    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Tableau
    • Exago
    • Birst
    • Sisense
    • SAP Crystal Reports
    • Looker
    • QlikView
    • TIBCO Jaspersoft
    • D3 JS

Informed decisions made easier with BI testing

  • The goal of testing, in terms of business intelligence, is to ensure that stakeholders make educated and accurate decisions based on proven facts and insights taken from the available data. To guarantee the process is error-free, Avenga helps clients plan and execute BI testing effectively and timely.

  • Avenga pursues the following testing strategies connected with the quality assurance of business intelligence solutions:

    • ETL testing
    • Data quality and warehouse testing
    • Reports and dashboards testing

Avenga for your BI needs

  • Data is a critical component of decision-making. Proper organization and management of data should be an important part of any company’s processes. Through expert and innovative business intelligence solutions, companies can reach their strategic goals and make substantiated decisions. Avenga’s specialists can quickly evaluate your digital environment and suggest BI options that will make decision-making more efficient.

  • Avenga’s business intelligence implementation services are specifically designed to fit your business needs. We offer:

    • Digital data analytics services
    • Prompt implementation cycles with a quick start and POCs
    • Customized application development with full life-cycle implementation
    • Successful solutions for PharmaTech, Healthcare and Finance industries

BI powered by R&D

  • Powered by our R&D lab team, Avenga’s technology experts promptly evaluate technology options and tools that will work best within your company’s digital environment. Avenga provides diverse business intelligence software development services and solutions that have already proven their effectiveness within various business domains.

  • We help our clients analyze data across multiple storages and warehouses, ETL solutions and visualization tools or track performance in various configurations, i.e., SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift, Azure DWH, etc. And we can do this for you too.

Technology Stack

Business intelligence solutions development by Avenga is backed up by the tried and tested tech practices and tools. This way, our clients can be sure that their ready-to-use business intelligence solutions will be worth all the effort, as well as the investment they have made.

  • Data Visualization

    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Tableau
    • MicroStrategy
    • QlikView
    • Microsoft SQL Reporting Service
    • Custom front-end development
    • Kyubit BI
    • Sisense
    • Oracle BI
    • TIBCO Jaspersoft

  • OLAP Cubes

    • Microsoft SQL Analysis Services
    • Oracle BI
    • MicroStrategy
    • SIsense

  • Data Warehouse

    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Azure Synapse
    • Snowflake

Benefits of applied Business Intelligence by Avenga

  • A comprehensive approach helps us determine your needs through careful requirement analysis and rigorous communication. Business intelligence development and consulting services by Avenga are focused on applying and integrating analytical IT and intelligence to cloud, web and mobile-based business solutions to streamline business processes and optimize results.

  • We apply Business Intelligence through:

    • Coordinated business processes and decisions based on real-time metrics
    • Extensive reporting with customized dashboards and alerts across the organization
    • Holistic view and acting on-the-go with mobile and cloud BI
    • Advanced forecasting and business efficiency

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