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Digital Solutions for Automotive

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Customer-centric automotive services

The automotive industry is undergoing a vibrant transformation that alters the traditional auto business. Customers stay loyal to established car brands because of the safety and reliability of their products, but they also crave emerging mobility features and extra services tailored to their needs across other industries.

  • Which struggle is yours?

    • Intense digital transformation of the automotive industry.
    • Fierce competition with tech giants and startups for innovations.
    • Shift from product-centered to services-oriented business models.
    • Lack of agility in business processes within an organization and in the market.
    • Increased customers’ expectations for mobility features and personalized services.

What we do

We help our clients in advancing their traditional auto business model to win customers at every touchpoint with a focus on personalized experience throughout the customer journey.

  • Auto business advancement

    We implement agile processes into your traditional business model to accelerate time-to-market of the core product and drive efficiency of operations.

  • Mobility and connected services

    We adopt mobility and connected car services by developing mobile solutions for improved customer experiences, and tailor them to be used safely by customers in their cars.

  • Digital distribution chain

    We create customized solutions for OEMs to get new dealers onboard and help those excel in customer services before, during, and after sale.

  • Infotainment systems

    We get into the vehicle's cockpit with comfortable digital systems for controlling and monitoring vehicles thus augmenting the users’ in-car experience.

  • Support and maintenance

    We focus on valuable diagnostic tools for users so they can timely get non-distractive notifications on critical updates and maintenance issues.

  • Customization and configuration

    We build responsive solutions for visualization and configuration of car equipment, so your customers may customize a vehicle to their needs with every device at hand.

Technology capabilities for automotive

We apply the latest technologies to help industry leaders improve efficiency, optimize processes, deliver an unrivaled customer experience, and advance business operations.

  • UI/UX

    We design from scratch and then customize award-winning car dealership solutions and automotive industry specific interfaces for HMI, navigation, and mapping systems, focusing on the optimal user flow and cross-platform responsiveness.

  • Custom software development

    We deliver end-to-end development services by covering both frontend and backend parts for desktop, web, mobile, and infotainment systems.

  • Cloud infrastructure

    We deploy into a highly reliable and available infrastructure and provide hosting services with strict security compliance.

  • QA

    We cover test management and quality measures to comply with the highest standards, which the automotive industry imposes on OEMs in every aspect of their business.

  • CMS

    We create flexible and easily customizable solutions for dealers so they can upload individual content, relevant to their customers, which they know and appreciate.

  • Data solutions

    We work with large data sets that cars generate every second to optimize support and maintenance tools using AI and machine learning technologies.

Avenga achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for the information security management system (ISMS).
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is a set of best practices and controls regarding cybersecurity risks. It emphasizes data confidentiality, integrity, and availability and is widely recognized as the gold standard for ISMS.

Our clients

Learn how we advanced businesses of world-known automakers.

They supported us very well, with high methodological competence and pragmatic approach in a very complex project and provided important impulses for the digital realignment of our trading partners.

Dino Damiano Marketing Director at Mazda Motors, Germany

Customers who want to buy a new car are very demanding. In the digital world they want a shopping experience just like in the real world. With the CoRe Visualizer we not only fulfill this wish, we even go one step further: It is not only about a high class visualization, but also about achieving an 'imagining ownership' for the customer.

Thomas Bernd Project UX-Lead for Opel
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